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Big Sexy’s Guide For Women To Meet Practical Men


Ladies, let’s face it. Meeting a decent guy is hard. Off the top of your head, where is the first place you would go if you want to meet a guy? You said the club didn’t you? I know you did. Well you are not alone. Thousands of women everyday would answer that question the same way you did. What is the problem with meeting guys in the club? Well nothing really. Clubs are meant for people to go and have a good time, hangout and meet others. Problem is a club is a “casual hookup spot” for most guys. And when I say “casual hookup spot” what I really mean is a club is conducive to facilitating the sexual interactions with women we are not in a relationship with whereby we can take you home (or to the car) and proceed to give you the best three minutes of steamy hot sex and the introduction of the Birmingham Booty Call.

Conversely, most women go to the club (as you have already said) to meet guys. Guys come to the club to try and sleep with you, women come to the club to meet with you. Do you see the how this is a problem? The expectation from each side is wrong from the start.
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