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So that’s what we on??? Still?

A rant from this morning facebook status:

Its urks the HELL out of me that chics are STILL IN 2011 getting pregnant on purpose to “try” to keep a man….. I really wish I can somehow get a national statistic record of actually how many men (of ALL races) DON’T request visitation rights or even pay child support for that matter…. with that being said, if he don’t wanna even see his child what in the hell makes you thinks he wanna see you???!

As usual, most of my recent blog posts are derived from talking with someone Mr. Tall Brown ATL’ien 21 yr old about life and other things of that matter, like how he only knew his baby moma for a month before SHE got pregnant. In that short month she was “in love” with him and KNEW that he was leaving the area soon permanently (military shyt). So what does that mean to a young ghetto girl who is in love with a guy that she knows she won’t ever see again????………and that was the end of that convo and the start of this blog. 🙂

I am a STRONG and DYEHARD advocate of 1.) Safe Sex, 2.) Smart Sex and of course 3.) GOOD Sex. I have mentored many of lil cousins, lil play play cousins, and lil play play sisters on the first 2 subjects. But sadly we still have some girls out here in 2011 that honestly just IGNORE the message that I send out to all: A baby will NOT make a man stay.

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