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When Your Partner’s Ex Looks Better Than You

Hello Ladies

It is one of the worst things to find out about your current relationship.  You see an old picture of the two of them together, or you find an old Valentine’s Day card he sent to her or………..they are still friends on Facebook.  You find out his name and pull up his page.  The profile loads and you find yourself in a moment where the only thing that really fits the situation is “Damn”.  It happens. Life happens.  Shyt happens.  And at this point you just have to make sure the shyt doesn’t hit the fan.  Because when shyt hits the fan it splatters and it takes a lot of Pine Sol to clean up.  Cleaning up shyt is rarely pleasant. Obviously, finding out your girlfriend use to get tossed up by the Old Spice Guy (before he was the Old Spice Guy) can be very intimidating.  How you handle this situation going forward can and will affect you and your relationship.

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When your relevancy dwindles

Yesterday was Valentine’s day right? Well if you are in relationship, I would hope that if you celebrated it with your S/O, you shared gifts of the like. If not… oh well. But what happens when you ARE in a ‘ship (plantonic, romantic, cut buddies…etc) and there are certain “expectations” and you/him/her don’t fulfill them?
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