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You catch more flies with honey than you do with shyt

Is what my father used to say to me in situations where kindness is needed instead of retaliation.  I remember one time I told him….”Dad, you’re right about the honey but you can still catch a nice bit of flies with that shyt!”  My father erupted in laughter and had to agree.  What I took from that is……sometimes you will be in situations where you need not apply honey but a pile of shyt is called for. I found out some information today where a heaping pile of shyt is called for instead of the pureness of honey. Besides, I’ve been using honey for the last couple of years regarding this and apparently it didn’t matter. I had some information about a bitter stankin ex come to my attention today and I just want to vent about it.  I realize that there must be thousands more of these bitter stankin women out there and so I’m not going to totally single out my ex, so for the purpose of the rest of this blog, when I refer to this bitter spiteful b*tch….I’m also referring to her and all of the other stanking bitter b*tches that need be addressed.  (Can you tell I was hot when I wrote this?)

My ex is one sour miserable bitter b*tch.  And I have an excellent record of never calling a woman a b*tch (to her face).  Seriously, for me calling a woman a b*tch is a tabu issue.  For me, calling a woman a b*tch is the same as a white person calling me a nigger…….or just as tabu as me calling a woman a worthless cunt (why do yall hate that so much anyway?). Fact of the matter is I don’t like that word…….but….. this……. b*tch.

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