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This is Kat…. on a Eco-Soapbox Rant

Maybe… just maybe, it is me with this whole Day After Tomorrow, 2012, Twister, etc, feeling. But this damn commercial irk my soul something serious. First and foremost I only tend to see it in the morning, because educated black folks watch GMA (Good Morning America), so I reckon that is the only time that it seems fitting to catch my attention. (In the afternoon I am watching Disney Channel, Cartoon Network, porn, and Bullshyt Entertainment Television) Continue reading


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Things that educated black people do.

That is my smart fine president right there!!!

I would like to consider myself of the most elite brand of black mixed folks considering that I did graduate from a HBCU, and then went on to attend the certified Harvard of Art Schools. I also was raised in the country/hood part of my home town but was sent a boot camp (etiquette center, and a majority white school) of what normal people should act like and was forced to do so in order to blend. However, I have stupid, regression and non-grammatical correct moments. Matter of damn fact you might find quite a few in this list. But what makes me better than most is that I can recognize my flaws and do my best to correct them… or either laugh at them.

Things that most educated black people do or partake in:


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When Your Partner’s Ex Looks Better Than You

Hello Ladies

It is one of the worst things to find out about your current relationship.  You see an old picture of the two of them together, or you find an old Valentine’s Day card he sent to her or………..they are still friends on Facebook.  You find out his name and pull up his page.  The profile loads and you find yourself in a moment where the only thing that really fits the situation is “Damn”.  It happens. Life happens.  Shyt happens.  And at this point you just have to make sure the shyt doesn’t hit the fan.  Because when shyt hits the fan it splatters and it takes a lot of Pine Sol to clean up.  Cleaning up shyt is rarely pleasant. Obviously, finding out your girlfriend use to get tossed up by the Old Spice Guy (before he was the Old Spice Guy) can be very intimidating.  How you handle this situation going forward can and will affect you and your relationship.

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Big Sexy’s Guide For Women To Meet Practical Men


Ladies, let’s face it. Meeting a decent guy is hard. Off the top of your head, where is the first place you would go if you want to meet a guy? You said the club didn’t you? I know you did. Well you are not alone. Thousands of women everyday would answer that question the same way you did. What is the problem with meeting guys in the club? Well nothing really. Clubs are meant for people to go and have a good time, hangout and meet others. Problem is a club is a “casual hookup spot” for most guys. And when I say “casual hookup spot” what I really mean is a club is conducive to facilitating the sexual interactions with women we are not in a relationship with whereby we can take you home (or to the car) and proceed to give you the best three minutes of steamy hot sex and the introduction of the Birmingham Booty Call.

Conversely, most women go to the club (as you have already said) to meet guys. Guys come to the club to try and sleep with you, women come to the club to meet with you. Do you see the how this is a problem? The expectation from each side is wrong from the start.
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You catch more flies with honey than you do with shyt

Is what my father used to say to me in situations where kindness is needed instead of retaliation.  I remember one time I told him….”Dad, you’re right about the honey but you can still catch a nice bit of flies with that shyt!”  My father erupted in laughter and had to agree.  What I took from that is……sometimes you will be in situations where you need not apply honey but a pile of shyt is called for. I found out some information today where a heaping pile of shyt is called for instead of the pureness of honey. Besides, I’ve been using honey for the last couple of years regarding this and apparently it didn’t matter. I had some information about a bitter stankin ex come to my attention today and I just want to vent about it.  I realize that there must be thousands more of these bitter stankin women out there and so I’m not going to totally single out my ex, so for the purpose of the rest of this blog, when I refer to this bitter spiteful b*tch….I’m also referring to her and all of the other stanking bitter b*tches that need be addressed.  (Can you tell I was hot when I wrote this?)

My ex is one sour miserable bitter b*tch.  And I have an excellent record of never calling a woman a b*tch (to her face).  Seriously, for me calling a woman a b*tch is a tabu issue.  For me, calling a woman a b*tch is the same as a white person calling me a nigger…….or just as tabu as me calling a woman a worthless cunt (why do yall hate that so much anyway?). Fact of the matter is I don’t like that word…….but….. this……. b*tch.

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I Had A Chance at Janet Jackson. We All Had A Chance…..

All this could have been yours

I was listening to my Pandora radio station earlier this week, and a Janet Jackson song came on.  I thought, why not make a Janet Jackson radio station?  As the hits that Janet Jackson has made over the last 20 some odd years began to play I continued to revert back to the Pandora webpage to click  “like” in order for it to be played again.  I begin to think about how beautiful Janet Jackson was and still is.  Then I thought about the most notable figure in her past……. then I became depressed.  Here’s why.

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Sometimes……I sit down when I pee

Sometimes at night, when I wake up and have to pee, I would much rather sit down than stand up.  Call me lazy, but I don’t trust my aim amid an almost sleepwalking state. Its much easier to just sit down and pee like a woman.  I have no excuse while I continue to do this during the day. I will, however, teach my son how to pee standing up at all times.

I think I do this because of the darkness and cold when you get out of bed and stumble to the bathroom.  I don’t want to cut the lights on because the brightness would wake me up.  Then if I stood up and peed……in the dark…..I would miss.  If I stand up and pee and don’t use any hands to hold my wang in place……I’m sure I would pee all over the wall on the left………because my wang leans to the left.  Actually it curves to the right….but I have huge balls and the ball on the left is way bigger than the one on the right and causes my wang to hang to the left.  Hence, I just sit down in the dark and pee.

You know another thing about pee?  When a guy has to pee in public we are judged by the sound of the pee.  Here is what I mean.  There is a certain bass that you get when pee hits the water.  Physics tells us that the sound and bass gets louder from either the amount of time the pee travels from the wang to the water or the force at which pee travels from wang to toilet.  I try to always pee in the middle of the water to make sure I get that deep bass-like pee sound.  It’s like a man thing because you want to make sure your pee sounds strong when it hits that water.  Even when I’m at home and go use the bathroom when my girlfriend is here. I stand as far back as I can from the toilet to maximize that bass.  It’s not like she doesn’t already know what I am working with, but I like to remind her every now and then.


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