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Religion affairs and such

Not discounting what homosexuality is or what the word of God says it is. But I’d like to live my life from the New Testament perspective. The perspective that is AC (After Christ) and I can’t see our Savior walking this earth encountering homosexuality and showering brimstone on them. No, I can see Jesus casting the spirit of homosexuality out of that person. Jesus came so that we may have life, not take it away.

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Obama Osama spoof

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A Black Man’s Fascination With Katy Perry

Katy Perry

I became a fan of Katy Perry last weekend. I know she has been out for a while and I am just getting on the bandwagon but I’m here now. Continue reading


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This is Kat…. on a Eco-Soapbox Rant

Maybe… just maybe, it is me with this whole Day After Tomorrow, 2012, Twister, etc, feeling. But this damn commercial irk my soul something serious. First and foremost I only tend to see it in the morning, because educated black folks watch GMA (Good Morning America), so I reckon that is the only time that it seems fitting to catch my attention. (In the afternoon I am watching Disney Channel, Cartoon Network, porn, and Bullshyt Entertainment Television) Continue reading

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Things that educated black people do.

That is my smart fine president right there!!!

I would like to consider myself of the most elite brand of black mixed folks considering that I did graduate from a HBCU, and then went on to attend the certified Harvard of Art Schools. I also was raised in the country/hood part of my home town but was sent a boot camp (etiquette center, and a majority white school) of what normal people should act like and was forced to do so in order to blend. However, I have stupid, regression and non-grammatical correct moments. Matter of damn fact you might find quite a few in this list. But what makes me better than most is that I can recognize my flaws and do my best to correct them… or either laugh at them.

Things that most educated black people do or partake in:


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Happy Valentine’s Day from F.I.

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5 reasons why I still have work to do the next day

There are a certain number of things that prevent someone as myself and thousands of others from making the world go 100% perfect because of our slack azzes. Here is Kat’s Top 5 things for why YO SHYT AIN’T DONE!

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