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Not fun on the short end, eh?

For the life of me I can never understand double standards and how people think they can get away with them.

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Obama Osama spoof

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The life of a main bytch

I wish I could have found one that looked more like me. *shrugs*


Now if you read, and read well, you know that in my previous post here on FI, I don’t condone cheating. But I do acknowledge it. As contradictory as that may seem……. well not a single fcuk is given on what people think of me on certain issues. This is one.

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When a woman is fed up

*insert song by R. Kelly here*

But honestly the song was right. There is NOTHING you can do about it. But what I am here to write about it WHAT exactly make us (meaning the XX chromosomes with melanin in our skin) fed up.  Continue reading


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Why Relationships don’t last

I am not of any kind of relationship expert… obviously since I can’t find a man… well let me take that back, since I can’t find anyone worthy of my 100% attention. Plenty of men, but I have ADHD and some serious detective skills that always lead to demise of my relationships. And it don’t even be like I am looking for shyt, but especially if we share DNA (sex, for the dummies) I am going to know who else you are fuxing, how often, and when the next time you expecting it. I am a firm co-signer in that saying that women can cheat “better” than men. Yes thee fcuk we can!  Chile…. I can write for days on how many times I have caught my supposedly significant other doing EVERY DAMN THING but what he was supposed to be doing when I wasn’t around and his abundant dehydrated and lackluster in appearance female friends was amuck.

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This is Kat…. on a Eco-Soapbox Rant

Maybe… just maybe, it is me with this whole Day After Tomorrow, 2012, Twister, etc, feeling. But this damn commercial irk my soul something serious. First and foremost I only tend to see it in the morning, because educated black folks watch GMA (Good Morning America), so I reckon that is the only time that it seems fitting to catch my attention. (In the afternoon I am watching Disney Channel, Cartoon Network, porn, and Bullshyt Entertainment Television) Continue reading

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Things that educated black people do.

That is my smart fine president right there!!!

I would like to consider myself of the most elite brand of black mixed folks considering that I did graduate from a HBCU, and then went on to attend the certified Harvard of Art Schools. I also was raised in the country/hood part of my home town but was sent a boot camp (etiquette center, and a majority white school) of what normal people should act like and was forced to do so in order to blend. However, I have stupid, regression and non-grammatical correct moments. Matter of damn fact you might find quite a few in this list. But what makes me better than most is that I can recognize my flaws and do my best to correct them… or either laugh at them.

Things that most educated black people do or partake in:


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