Ok, here is what’s new…..

Er…..hey.  I actually don’t really know what to say considering it’s been so long.  It’s been a while. I haven’t blogged since March 2010 and even then I was slacking off.  It’s been for a number of reasons.  The first being some personal and spiritual growth.  Although I thought that everything I was producing was very funny material, some of it just did not live up to the example I want to set as a living breathing witness for Christ.  I’m sure there is a way I can still bring my dry satire-like humor to this blog in a way where I don’t feel that I’ve compromised my witness.  Even though that blog I wrote about my ex was straight fire………this is the type of things I’m trying to do better with.  The second thing that kept me away is that I got busy.  Like full-time I need to bring the work home with me busy so there is not time to write a blog tonight.  Even though sooooo much has been going on that needed a voice! My perspective needed to be heard, but unless you followed me on twitter or Facebook you would have not heard my perspective.  Then again, I was busy and didn’t really tweet or update like I used to. I was on the social network sidelines.  And the last thing that slowed down my blogging was I got engaged!  I’m marrying a beautiful woman who is so perfect for me…..that completes me……that I’m really in love with.

So in between the growth, the business and planning a wedding, the 90 of you that read this blog yesterday have been neglected.  As I side note, I’m actually kinda impressed that 90 of you read this blog yesterday even though 56 of you only found this blog because you were doing a google search for Katy Perry’s breasts.  But considering neither I or “The Brown Eyed Kat” have blogged in months we are still honored that you clicked on our blog in your search for boobs.

Now, on to what is to come.  Do you know what has been missing in world?  The world is missing someone who can breakdown and provide insight in the political arena in a way that you, the average boob searching reader, can understand and wants to read it.  The world needs a black John Stewart and bigger, badder and blacker Roland Martin, a young Al Sharpton, a voice for the people who just “don’t get it” or don’t exactly know why they should care about politics.  You guys need to understand that there is more and other reasons for supporting President Obama other than he is black.  I hate we can’t articulate our political viewpoint more than being a Democrat only because our parents were Democrats.  Same thing for Republicans.

So here is what I propose, during this election season, I’m going to provide insight.  My insight, which is very biased towards the liberal agenda in support of our President. I’m going to do it in a way that is funny to me and that makes you want to read it.  After election season, well we will just have to see.  And if we are lucky, the co-founder of our lovely blog will grace our presence again with her unique blog writing abilities.






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