Not fun on the short end, eh?

For the life of me I can never understand double standards and how people think they can get away with them.

I usually have a backstory to every post but this one… Meh… I do, but I don’t.

So check it: There is this “triangle”, 1 man, 2 girls. (sounds like a lovely porno right?) Man and Girl 1 have a very fluid relationship, ups and downs naturally, but meh… okay for the most part. Man and Girl 2 have a very lustful relationship. Girl 2 is always popping off at the mouth about how no fcuks are given when she does her deed with “the Man” and how she is laughing at Girl 1 about how stupid she is for dealing with “the Man” on such a level. Blah blah blah… My c0o-lala smells/taste/feels better than yours, blah blah blah…

Even goes so far to know when Man and Girl 1 is beefing, so she is now especially on super brag mode………

Lets negate “the Man” and his ratchet affairs because this post isn’t about him. We all know that for it to even be like this is fcukerific, So um yea…. But now the tables have turn when  Girl 2 gets dissed. And I mean OBVIOUSLY dissed, and now its boo hoo, wah fcuking WAH! Cry Me a Damn River #nshyt. How hurt she is and what she did to deserve it blah muthafcuking blah. So it was cool when you was causing the misery aye? Knowing what you was doing was ratchet, and yes it was. It was still cool right? But now that you are in the EXACT.SAME.PREDICAMENT, people supposed to feel sorry for you? We supposed to appease your feelings when you was all Nah Nah Boo Boo to someone else? We hating on your happiness and all that shyt was cute AND funny when you wasn’t hurting but rolling around in fcukery. Selfish prideful mentality will getchu nowhere (its one of the 7 deadly sins ya know). Double standards… its okay until its you. What make you different when you was doing it? Oh… what’s that? Nothing. \_\_\_ <– these 3 seats have your name on them… Ma’am/and or Sir

This not only applies to sex, dating and romantic relationships, it applies to everything. Like how a man can sleep with many women and is recoginized in a positive light, but a woman is a whore if she does it.  I can give a million and one different examples.

~~Do unto others as you want done unto you.
~~Karma is a bytch

*Shrug me the fcuk out ~Kat*

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