The life of a main bytch

I wish I could have found one that looked more like me. *shrugs*


Now if you read, and read well, you know that in my previous post here on FI, I don’t condone cheating. But I do acknowledge it. As contradictory as that may seem……. well not a single fcuk is given on what people think of me on certain issues. This is one.

Before I get into a tangent of my subject, just know that this subject has been wrote about more times than I can possibly count. They have made songs, sonnets, poems and raps about it. This is my little mark in the blogging world. Read it and enjoy the tea.

We know that side chics are thirsty, lost along the way of their place, and pretty much equivalent to an auxiliary member to a frat or sorority. Depending on the situation and who you ask, side chics are sometimes necessary to maintain sanity in a relationship betwix a couple. Also note that I use the word CHICS as the noun in this post, simply because I am a female writing from my point of view. EVERY thing I mention can very well be vice versa’ed. <–not a real word.

I would ALSO like to point out that EYE am a main bytch. And I have a very clear definition of where I stand with Mr. Tall Brown ATL’ien 21 yr old. (Please visit my personal blog if you are unfamiliar with this person). Side chics across the world always try to stray into that little grey area betwix us two. You clearly need to know your place. I know mine when I am a side chick, and yes, I have no shame in admitting I have been one. Just like there are side dudes. I am not about to sit here and write about the criteria, duties and placement of a side chic/dude. But like all things that people settle for, this being one of them, there is some kind of balance that needs to be in place.

If you follow me on Twitter (@kittyvgalore) then you should have seen my rant the other night as being a main bytch. Not ‘chic’ but ‘BYTCH’. At the end of the day when he wipes all the nonoxynol-9 from his dyck from the condoms he has been using, he comes and lay, eat, smoke, sleep with me. For the most part he has done his hoeshyt coverup duty of spraying fresh cologne, and wiping the lipstick from his collar. It’s when he forgets to do that or anything other than that is when it becomes a problem. We have a open relationship yea, Well…. let me take that back… I allow HIM to have an open relationship. I know how far to push the limits when you are dealing with someone of his caliber. He is 21 for God sakes. I will be a dumb bytch in Hell to think I can tell him to stay faithful and actually set forth with it. If I don’t hear about it, see it, or think about it, it is considered ignorant bliss. Me on the other hand… Blah… I’m getting to old to be gallivanting and balancing negroes on my left knee. I am usually a one man type of chic anyway.

R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Respect the relationship. I wrote about this in When a woman is fed up, that if she is feeling unappreciated or used there is nothing you can do about it. If you are constantly disrespecting your main bytch with your hoeshyt antics there is only but so many times I am gonna take hearing about how you pushed her uterus into a new high. I can take the fact I know you might be doing it, but I will be the bytch to let you roll with their asses permanently if I feel like everything I am doing for is not good enough for you and your chics to simply respect me. MAKE them know their place.

Bottom line. Keep your hoeshyt under wraps. The worse thing for you to do is let your temporary chic to fcuk up what you and your main bytch got… and been working towards. *shrugs*

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