A Black Man’s Fascination With Katy Perry

Katy Perry

I became a fan of Katy Perry last weekend. I know she has been out for a while and I am just getting on the bandwagon but I’m here now.

Katy has a lot of good things going for her. A lot of positives.   Since I have found myself listening to the white radio stations in town, creating a Pandora Station in her honor and illegally downloading her albums from the internet, I thought I should try to reduce my new-found fascination with her to writing.

These are some of the reasons, things, characteristics and my pop cultured opinion on why I think Katy Perry is going to make it and become one of the biggest names in Pop Music.

  • Her first song “I Kissed A Girl And I Liked It” was the ultimate taboo mixed with sexual excitement for a black man. Well for any man. You have this hot white girl, raised in this strict Christian home where both of her parents were ministers who has pretty much decided to rebel and kiss another hot white girl, like it and write a song about it. That’s just as good as a script to a movie or the reality of any female during her freshmen semester in college that has lived in a strict religious household for 18 years. As soon as she gets a chance, she is going to fcuk the entire basketball team.
  • She has surpassed the stigma of the “one hit wonder”. This album I’m listening to “Teenage Dream” is incredibly well done. There are a number of songs that have some serious guitars infused into the songs that compliment her voice perfectly. You have to understand, I don’t really like, listen to nor have I ever listened to white majority music.
  • Katy Perry can really sing. It’s not like she can sing just enough to get by like Ciara or Keri Hilson. She can really blow.   She can’t “Christina Aguilera blow” but her vocals are respectable. She could sing live on a stage, do a little dance number and still sound like she sounds on the album.
  • Katy Perry has a nice rack. I don’t see how so many female singers go wrong with this. If you got a bomb set of titties, you need to use them. They should be prominently displayed on your album cover, your website, twitter, facebook etc. When you think about Wendy Williams, what is the first thing you think about after “How you doing?” and how did her face get that ugly? Her mammoth breasts right? Then the next thought is how can those huge breasts and big thick voluptuous body end up on that dreadful face?  The point is Katy Perry has excellent breasts and those things will open doors she never thought possible.
  • Katy Perry did a song with Snoop Dogg. Black people and White people love Snoop Dogg. He is one of the few major “crossover” artists that have stood the test of time. And not crossover from the standpoint that he tried to make music that would appeal to both black and white people, but somehow his music transcended  a fan base that is both black and white (Probably because Marijuana transcends both black and white). Have you ever been in an all white club or bar and the DJ puts on The Chronic by Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg? Those white people go crazy. You’d think that Snoop and Dre were on stage performing live. So Katy Perry simply doing a song with Snoop Dogg gives her some crossover appeal. Notice I didn’t say street Cred, but crossover appeal. She would have to do the hook on Gucci Mane’s new song and a duet with Charlie Wilson to get real street Cred.
  • A piggy back on crossover music. As i said before, when you can reach listeners and make fans outside of your race, you are well on your way. Take this post for example, Big Sexy writing about Katy Perry. Can’t tell me that aint crossover. I aint never wrote about John. P. Kee. (Sidenote:  I think every gospel song should sound like John P. Kee was the executive producer by the way.) Crossover success also depends on the gays. If they gays love your music you are well on your way. Think I’m lying? Take all of Lady Gaga’s gay fans away and she would be left with the fan base of the 5th white girl voted off American Idol every year.

With that, I’ll bring this blog entry to a close. I haven’t done a post in a while for the most part because I’ve been swamped at work and I’ve yet to find a balance between work and the rest of my life. Anyway, go get Katy Perry’s album and help her crossover. My goal is to have this Big Tittied White Princess in heavy rotation on Steve Harvey’s radio show. Tell them Big Sexy sent you.

Big Sexy



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4 responses to “A Black Man’s Fascination With Katy Perry

  1. random black guy

    I love katy perry

  2. Anonymous

    katy is a goddess, especially for a short guy like me

  3. Katy is the best artist alive today. Ms. Perry has a broad range and is multifaceted.

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