So that’s what we on??? Still?

A rant from this morning facebook status:

Its urks the HELL out of me that chics are STILL IN 2011 getting pregnant on purpose to “try” to keep a man….. I really wish I can somehow get a national statistic record of actually how many men (of ALL races) DON’T request visitation rights or even pay child support for that matter…. with that being said, if he don’t wanna even see his child what in the hell makes you thinks he wanna see you???!

As usual, most of my recent blog posts are derived from talking with someone Mr. Tall Brown ATL’ien 21 yr old about life and other things of that matter, like how he only knew his baby moma for a month before SHE got pregnant. In that short month she was “in love” with him and KNEW that he was leaving the area soon permanently (military shyt). So what does that mean to a young ghetto girl who is in love with a guy that she knows she won’t ever see again????………and that was the end of that convo and the start of this blog. 🙂

I am a STRONG and DYEHARD advocate of 1.) Safe Sex, 2.) Smart Sex and of course 3.) GOOD Sex. I have mentored many of lil cousins, lil play play cousins, and lil play play sisters on the first 2 subjects. But sadly we still have some girls out here in 2011 that honestly just IGNORE the message that I send out to all: A baby will NOT make a man stay.

There is no rule or dominion that states that Baby=Loving relationship betwix parents. All that means that you are FORCED to deal with this person for at least 18 years of your life whether you like them or not once you discover all their flaws and imperfections. I can sit here and honestly say that a perfect world would consist of all children being conceived out of love between BOTH parents. As much as I am not of the best of terms with both of my children fathers NOW,  thinking back to when I was doing the deed, in my head I was assured and it was confirmed that they both loved me and I did with them. So both of my children was technically conceived out of love from BOTH parents, however, the present and future tell a different story #doe….

But back to the whole baby trap thing…. To these silly girls: Have you ever thought about the consequences of what will happen if he found out?

In the case of Mr. Tall Brown ATL’ien 21 yr old who is extremely smart when it comes to common and academic sense it didn’t take but a half a second to figure it out. But by then what are you to do? Yes, he was furious (or so he said…) and now he hold a deep resentment and grudge against his baby moma who loves him so. Loves his daughter to death, hate his baby moma. Now I betcha SHE didn’t see that coming. As he explained to me in the traditional way that the world and GOD planned it is that you would like to get to know the person inside and out who you will go half on a baby with. Love is not the only criteria. I love a lot of people. But that doesn’t mean I want to procreate with them. They may have a bad temper, bad genetics, or bad education. And YES, these things do pass down to your children. Not to mention the environment they grown up in might not be child raising standards.

To these silly lil boys who like to have a moist unsheathed penis: One question. Why? You could save a whole lotta money by switching to condoms… that YOU BUY AND WEAR. We know about the condom hole punching thing.

I can sit here and write all day about what YOU should, could and what EYE would do to prevent scenarios and situations of the like. But that would make the world perfect right? Bottom line. Babies are permanent, and should not be a bargaining tool for when you can’t keep a man because of your or his ain’t shyt ways. Whether he stays or goes, the child will needs love, financial support, and BOTH parents.


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